Thrilled beyond measure

We are so happy with our puppy that we just purchased from Don at Royalty Akitas. Bruin is well bred, has
great bone and a wonderful happy disposition. He's gorgeous! We had a really hard time making up our
minds because all of Don's puppies were so lovely. His Akita ranch is clean, well maintained and those dogs
LOVE him. Each and every one. The dogs were not aggressive at all. He runs a tight ship and his assistants
do a very good job. Highly recommend!!

Reviewer: Jayney, July 10, 2014    
Royalty Akitas

Don breeds the most beautiful Akitas we have ever seen. After going to many dog shows and seeing the various
colors and builds, we found exactly what we wanted at Royalty Akitas. Don really knows how to educate new
owners about the nuances of the breed and provide great instructions for raising these little beauties. Our puppy
is now 8 months and 95 pounds and is a wonderful addition to our family. We take him downtown for
socialization and everyone that sees him days he is a very beautiful puppy. If you are looking for an Akita or
interested in purchasing one, contact Don at Royalty Akitas. He is only interested in serious buyers and owners
who can provide the best of living situations so if you're not serious or cannot provide a great environment for
the Alita, you may want to think twice. We are thankful for what Don has done to enrich our family with one of his
wonderful puppies.

Reviewer: Joe, December 25, 2014    
A breeder I trust

Anybody looking for a quality AND CARING, RESPONSIBLE breeder of Akita pups, Don at Royalty Akitas is the
place to go. I already own a large breed Caucasian Ovcharka and wanted to add an Akita to my family. Don was
quick to respond to all my emails and phone calls and answered my questions/concerns with great care about
introducing a new Akita pup into my home. He helped me choose a female pup that would fit our family and our
other dog's personality. Even after getting our new Akita I've continued to stay in contact with Don for minor
questions and updates with pictures of my "pack". He appreciates the questions just as much as he loves the
updates on his pup. He truly loves and cares about where his puppies end up and that the families are happy
with their addition. That is priceless in a breeder. Thank you Don!

Reviewer: Ann, February 8, 2015    
so happy

I found my puppy Blackjack, now named Meiko from Don at Royalty Akitas. He is hands down the best puppy I've
ever had! Meiko is just over 9 weeks and sleeps through the night from the 2nd night home, knows where his
potty spot is outside, hasn't had an accident in the house and let's me know he has to go. He is the smartest pup
I've encountered and I've had many pets!! Meiko gets along so well with all 5 cats, my teenage daughters and
rambunctious 4 yr old son!! I would without doubt get another Akita from Royalty Akitas

Reviewer: Danielle, March 29, 2015    

I am very pleased with the quality of services that Don provides. I appreciate his responsiveness to questions.
The way he conducts his business is very professional. I received my new Akita pup December 4, 2013...she
is phenomenal! Everything and more than I expected! She is a super flashy girl...stunning!! I have had my pup
evaluated for show worthiness by an Akita breeder who has been extremely successful in the show ring...the
result of the evauation -- my girl is show worthy and is currently in conformation training! It is rare
now-a-days to find a competent, trustworthy Akita breeder. My experience with Don was extremely postive!

Reviewer: Patti, January 31, 2014    

I just purchased a puppy from Don. I live in Toronto Canada and had him shipped from Sacramento last week.
Since the moment I picked him up I knew we had made a great choice in Don as our breeder. My puppy came off
an 11 hour flight, without any accidents. Since bringing him home he has been fantastic addition to our family.
He has not had a single accident in my home and scratches at the door when he has to go to the washroom
(something that usually takes months to train) he sits on command and comes when he is called... Did I mention
he is only 10 weeks old? He doesn't show any signs of aggression and you can tell he has been very well
socialized. My vet was blown away with how healthy he was. His ears were spotless, he had no parasites, and his
legs looked strong and healthy. This little guy loves to "talk" and is highly intelligent. I highly reccomend Don
and Royalty Akitas Don was so helpful and informative along the way.

Reviewer: Daniella, October 7, 2013    

My wonderful Akita puppy came from Don at Royalty Akitas. I made several visits to Don's "Akita Ranch" to
choose just the right puppy. It is a beautiful kennel. There are many Akitas, but the whole place is pristine, and
every dog seems to be in love with Don. My puppy, Miss Lily "Pearle of the Sierra" is a beautiful fawn and white
pinto with a black mask and sunburst blaze. Her temperment is outstanding. Don absolutely adores and
understands the Akita breed. I think he may be half-Akita himself! Thanks.

Reviewer: Sidney, May 21, 2013    

Despite the fact that we thought we’d never buy a pup online & have it shipped, we decided to navigate
PuppyFind in search of an Akita. We contacted a few breeders (Don w/Royalty Akitas being 1 of them). Don was
quick to respond & was very committed in pairing us up with just the right pup - it shines through that he truly
cares about his dogs & pups. Because of OUR indecisiveness the process took a few months. Don was ALWAYS
patient, professional & helpful in selecting a pup. Pup arrived beautifully clean in a safety secured crate & has
turned out to be the BEST pup ever – both physically & emotionally. Thanks Don for all the time & effort you put
in to ensure we got just the right pup - & thanks for all the work you put in to your ROYAL bloodlines - it's quite
apparent that you take pride in caring for your dogs, your pups & the homes they go to. We will definitely be back
for another pup when the time is right - Royalty Akitas are SIMPLY THE BEST!

Reviewer: Lynnette, February 6, 2013    
The Perfect Dog

I got my puppy from Don in December. She is stunning, has a wonderful temperament & is the most perfect dog.
Chisa is my fourth Akita & although I loved my other dogs, there is something truly special about her. When I
visited Don he patiently showed me his facility. His dogs are well cared for, loved & gorgeous. Don helped us
pick the right dog & didn't try & impose his opinions on us. I feel he has the breed's best interests at heart. He is
knowledgeable, does his research & is a careful breeder. Don't be put off because he has many dogs - he knows
what he's doing & is advancing the Akita breed. It isn't a breed for just anyone but I agree with Don- there's no
better dog than an Akita. His dogs are proof of that. If I had the room, I'd get 2 more. I am confident that I found
the right breeder thus the right dog for my family. If this is your breed you owe it to yourself to go visit Don & his
awesome dogs. I am so happy I did!

Reviewer: Paula, January 27, 2013    
Fantastic Breeder!!!!!!

We were lucky enough to visit this home/facility to pick up our new Akita, Ami. Don (owner of Royalty Akitas) was
welcoming, friendly, professional and informative. He gave us the privilege of touring the grounds when we arrived.
He allowed us to meet all the dogs, see all the puppies, and get to know him and his operation. We were blown
away by how clean, organized and well maintained his facility was. Don is genuinely passionate about what he
does and the dogs are a direct reflection of his care and skill. It is heartwarming to watch him interact with them.
They are loving and happy, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. As a breeder he obviously knows what he is
doing. The dogs are so well taken care of. They are so loved. Our puppy has been incredible. She is beautiful,
healthy, and happy. We couldn't have asked for a better dog or a better breeder. I would urge anyone looking for an
Akita to buy their dog from Royalty Akitas. Don and his dogs are truly special.

Reviewer: Linka, August 12, 2012    
My baby boy, Nikko

I too was looking for the perfect Akita and somewhat concerned about purchasing a puppy from a "breeding facility"
as I've heard those horror stories. I was invited to visit Royalty Akita's facility in Lincoln, CA and can honestly say I
was thoroughly impressed. This is not just a breeding facility, these dogs are Don's pets. Don clearly has a
relationship with all of his dogs and the adult males and females are all strikingly beautiful, well nourished and all
appear very healthy. He literally has the most beautiful puppies, I had a very difficult time picking one. My Nikko (not
to be confused with his dad "Nikko" :) is truly amazing. He is 10 weeks old, gorgeous, extremely smart with an
amazing personality. He is very sociable and comes to work with me every day. He walks on a leash, sits and follows
basic commands already. I am 110% satisfied. In fact, I have already purchased my new female and am just awaiting
her arrival :)

Reviewer: Kathy, January 18, 2012    

I spent the last year researching different breeders and looking for an Akita to bring home to my family after the
loss of our last Akita. It was very important to us that this new puppy be as close as possible in personality and
character to our last Akita. Luckly we came across Royalty Akita's and Don. Don invited us to his beautiful
ranch and gave us a tour of the entire facility. Every dog looked strong and healthy, the kennels were clean and
spacious and you could tell Don had a special connection with each one of the dogs out there. Don helped us
pick out the perfect puppy and even provided us updates and pictures during the wait. We have had Zoli
formally Kujo now for 1 month and he is absolutely amazing. He is strong, healthy, great temerment, and very
smart. He loves all the attention he can get and is the new love of my families life. Thank you Don for all of your
guidence and help, we would highly recommend you and Royalty Akita's to anyone!

Reviewer: Nick, January 13, 2012    
By far the best place

I was extremely impressed with don and the love he has for all his dogs.I'm lucky enough to witness his love
for his dogs first hand because I live just a town over.he invited me to his place as much as I wanted to visit
if only you could see how amazing each dog was I wanted them all haha.he helped me pick out the right pup
for me and he is great couldn't be happier.all there temperaments from his dogs to him was
can tell everyone of them gets the tender love and care they need and more.I will most defiantly recommend
him and I will get another one from him in the future. If I could I would go get em all ;) all in all just give him
a call he would be more than happy to talk and inform you about his dogs. -sincerely Randy Mumford

Reviewer: Randy, January 7, 2012    

for and loved. It was quite amazing how much the animals love and listen to Don. We absolute love our new
daughter, she's my little devil/angel... one minute she super rowdy and playful and the next, she's super
cuddly and affectionate. It's wonderful having her in our lives. She's a little talker too, she lets us know if
something isn't quite right or just an "I love you" woof or a "Good morning" sigh. She has her favorite spots
already and loves to play with other dogs. Super cute too, and I'm not being prejudice.... she's adorable.
Don's pups are very cute. She was hardly affected by travel to her new home and adapted immediately, it's
funny how fast... it was like it was meant to be!! She's smart and is learning quickly. Thanks for everything
Don, tell the girls hi for us. Rich & Lisa H. (Utah)

Reviewer: LISA & RICH, July 12, 2011